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Disease Education

Cardiovascular Disease

More people worldwide die from heart disease than any other cause. It is extremely difficult to detect, and can advance unchecked for many years before its symptoms become noticeable.  Island Doctors staff and clinicians address reducing risk for the heart disease on every visit.



Diabetes is growing at epidemic proportions. Many can avoid the condition with a few simple lifestyle modifications. There are others who need more medical counseling and coaching, than they get from a routine office visit.  Schedule an office tour and inquire about our special programs for patients with diabetes.


Hyperlipidemia: Know Where You Stand

High cholesterol levels lead to heart attacks, strokes and can exascerbate other chronic health conditions.  Island Doctors staff and clinicians review your cholesterol levels and goals on each visit.


Dementia, Alzheimer's Disease

Can Statins reduce the risk of vascular Dementia, Alzheimer Disease? “It is quite simple, reduction of total cholesterol which is good for your heart is good for the vessels of the brain”, said Roy Hinman, MD, Chief Medical Officer of Island Doctors.“